10 Property Package! Combined Value of $591,800!!!


This sale  is for 10 Properties!! The details are listed below. This is an Incredible Opportunity to own multiple properties at a steeply discounted price! Rent these properties out for cash-flow, or re-sell at a profit! None of the properties have mortgages, and investors are welcome to order title reports. This is a Truely Rare Offer! With housing prices at an All Time Low, there will never be a better time to buy than Now! Don't Miss This Opportunity!



- 10 Residential Properties!

- Combined Value of $591,800!!!

Property Descriptions

Additional Information


This sale is for the FULL PURCHASE PRICE OF THIS PROPERTY. A Quitclaim Deed will be issued.


The Seller offers these assets for sale in "AS IS" CONDITION AT THE TIME OF SALE OR CLOSING, INCLUDING ANY HIDDEN DEFECTS OF ANY NATURE, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, with no representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever, express or implied, relating to the condition of these assets. Property information, including photos, may be taken from county records, and / or other online data providers. Such information is not necessarily verified by the seller, and may not be the most current information for the property – it is the bidder’s responsibility to complete all due diligence, including inspections, prior to bidding. Images may be edited / enhanced for visual appeal. In some cases, information such as square footage and number of bedrooms may be approximate.


We accept Bank Wire Transfers, and direct deposit (via teller in branch - Bank of America) for the payment of your winning bid.




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