Hawkins Realty Group is an aggressive local real estate firm offering buyers, sellers and owners an experienced outlook for selling or leasing their real estate in Detroit. Using effective internet advertising and other regional brokerage firm relationships developed over the years. 


Hawkins Realty Group built an excellent reputation initially on buying and selling homes in the Detroit area. Currently it handles buying, selling, leasing, marketing and consulting for several out-of-state real estate investment firms that are purchasing in the region.


Hawkins Realty Group has been successful marketing to local small businesses just starting out or businesses that have outgrown their current space. We also help larger companies searching for a headquarters in the region by locating commercial space in the City of Detroit.
Hawkins Realty Group prides itself on working with its customers to ensure the viability of their property either by sale or agreeable lease terms.







Gordon Hawkins has more than 12 years experience buying and selling real estate. He has established himself as an expert  in historic and investment properties. Working with investors across the globe, he has convinced many to buy in the city he loves so much. Most are impressed by Gordon's enthusiasm, professionalism and wide range of knowledge. Besides his passion for real estate, Gordon is also a lover of the arts and people. 


Jamila Jackson started her career in real estate over 20 years ago and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. Jamila's desire to educate and assist her clients with buying and selling has been the highlight of her career. In her spare time she enjoys the theatre, bike riding, photography, reading and spending time with friends and family.  


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